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Seraphim Aqua Dynamics Day 1 of 2 (Webinar with Phone option) with Alex Brandin

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December 15, 2018

Includes initiations into a new Healing energy that can be used for self and others, distantly or hands on. A new powerful hands-on healing technique is introduced.

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Please check out this 105 minute free introductory webinar for this workshop to learn more and experience a taste of this new energy spectrum (105 min)


Course content detailed:

“Seraphim Aqua Dynamics” – of of the newest workshops of the Seraphim Blueprint.

We are very excited to present an entirely new energy spectrum, the newest addition to the Seraphim Blueprint system. In all the previous Seraphim Blueprint workshops, we received energy tools to optimize our own human energy systems, in this course we will begin to work directly with every water molecule in our body. This is a new and advanced approach.

In this workshop our entire focus will be on water. Our human bodies consist of about 66% - 75% of water by mass or volume. (The variances occur depending on age and other factors). Since water molecules are so tiny, this translates to them making up about 97% to 99% of all molecules in our physical bodies. We know that water is a crucial part of all our bodily processes. How about the connection between energy flow and water? How about the connection between Spirit and water? How do the Seraphim Angels and water relate?

The Seraphim Angels are described to have six wings. When we see a snow flake, could one not think it looks like it has six wings as well? We find the hexagonal expression also in quartz crystals. Structured water molecules are hexagonal as well. The Seraph says that the Seraphim are etheric light, water is liquid light and quartz is solid light. They are linked together by a sacred geometric connection. We will explore this more deeply in the workshop.

A series of unique energetic tools are shared, that are specifically focused on our interaction with water. This is a new type of healing for self and it can be shared with others. It strengthens our body’s ability to optimally absorb, process, transform and utilize the waters within our physical body. It is designed to inspire the water and unlock its many potentials. This course also includes initiations into a new healing energy spectrum that can be used for self and others, distantly or hands on.

During this workshop, all participants receive two powerful group healing and restructuring sessions with the new Seraphim Aqua Healing Energy Mix for their organs, systems and finally the entire body. One session on each day.

Contact Information
Alex Brandin

When: Day 1: Saturday, October 7th, 2017 & Day 2: Sunday, October 8th, 2017 --- each day from 10:00AM - 6:00 PM Pacific Time --- Participation is limited to 12 people. --- Course fee: $390 Includes a $30 credit for an order of one of the newly re-introduced Seraphim Blueprint Aromatherapy spray-cleanses ("SerAura Aroma Cleanse" or "Seraphim Space Cleanse") --- (special discount for re-takers: $75 - excluding the cleanse spray)


This Course is no longer available for registration.
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